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  • Torumir

    Torumir is a rugged mercenary fighter from the Republic of Rhomaios.

    The first military campaign in which he participated was the Ruby War, which began when the Kingdom of Bruscania (being practically the sole supplier of rubies in Astograth) …

  • Sriafut

    Sriafut is the king of Larken, and is one of the best ones it has ever had. Under his reign Larken's trade has flourished, coming so close as to rival that of Rhomaios and Bruscania, the two main competitors. After the latter was defeated by the …

  • Rothold

    Rothold is a cleric from Larken's church of Pelor, the largest in the land. He grew up in a family of merchants and was sent to Campania in the Republic of Rhomaios to finish his studies. There he learned of his true calling, and returned home to …

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