A mercenary fighter


Torumir is a rugged mercenary fighter from the Republic of Rhomaios.

The first military campaign in which he participated was the Ruby War, which began when the Kingdom of Bruscania (being practically the sole supplier of rubies in Astograth) started demanding disproportionate amounts of money for their valuable goods. The merchants of many realms became furious, and king Sriafut of Larken issued an ultimatum to Bruscania in which he stated that war would be declared if the prices were not lowered. Two months passed, and Sriafut decided to wage war upon his rival.

Mercenary companies were formed, and Torumir joined the one that called itself the Conquerors, of which Kulvain Hestarius and Avallach Sclarrsson were also members. Although they were attacked by enemy ships and beset by great storms, the ship managed to arrive at the designated area. Torumir disembarked and engaged the enemy along with the rest of the army in the hills beyond the beaches, in what was the largest battle of the war. He survived, although others in his company did not.

The Conquerors were ordered to occupy the minor town of Dwensdale. The mayor barricaded himself in his house along with his guards, however. Kulvain devised a plan which consisted in setting the house on fire and killing the people inside as they fled. Not caring much one way or the other, the mercenaries did so. They proceeded to occupy the town until war's end about a month later.

Torumir's whereabouts are currently unknown, the last time he was seen he was marching off to fight for the orcs in the Antoran War.


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