Heroes of the Realm, pt. 2

The story until now

Having boarded their ship back to Larken, the tired travelers played dice and cards or occupied themselves with other menial tasks during their trip. Upon arrival at the merchant port of Trendor, they hired a cart to take them to Nowhen. The price was high due to the lack of people going to the area, but they found someone eventually.

In Nowhen they visited the count, who gifted them with a mule each and gave them the promise that should they ever need land, he would grant it to them. The count insisted that a greater prize was in store for them, but they had to travel to the capital (Ruumia) to recieve it.

So, along with the count and his retinue traveled this mottley pair, their friendship now forged in combat. They lodged at the palace, and on the second day of their stay they were given fine clothes and led to the king's hall. Kneeling before him, and with dozens of courtiers surrounding them, they were knighted by the king of Larken due to saving the life of Count Orobar of Nowhen, cousin to the monarch. Although the Order of the King's Knights was merely honorary due to the existence of the paladin orders, an great banquet was held, during which the adventurers met the high priest of Pelor, the chief adviser, the queen, the crown prince and none other than the king himself. Amidst such festivities, they were granted one wish by the king. Avallach wished to recieve a noble steed of battle (a heavy warhorse), and Kulvain wished to be able to learn all of the king's wizard's spells that were of his level of understanding. Both of these were granted, improving the elf's usefulness substantially by adding to his arsenal a large variety of low-level spells.

As knights, the pair was entitled to free lodging at the palace for however long they stayed in Ruumia. They decided to become gladiators at Ruumia's coliseum, and duly found a sponsor and entered the games. Amidst fighting other gladiators as well as monsters, they met a young man called Hugo Fergusson, who had originally pursued his interests in the wild but come to the city to earn money fighting. In between shows Kulvain adquired a small snake to serve as his familiar, and to which he gave the name of Melkor. Although Hugo was involved in a bar fight due to intoxication, he was bailed out before being taken to trial.

After serving as gladiators for some time, the two adventureres announced that they would be retiring. A special fight was arranged due to this, for the crowd had come to love them. A vampire was captured in its coffin and taken to the arena, with Avallach and Kulvain knowing only who they would be fighting. Given a day to prepare themselves, they battled the abomination with mirrors, holy water and bright lights. Once it retreated to its coffin, a holy symbol was driven into its heart, and its head cut off and shown to the spectators. After this, the wizard and the fighter would enter a new stage of their lives, that in which they fought to protect Ruumia (or at least because it was convenient). 



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